Your healthy life - It's our project.

Is poor fitness holding you back from achieving your goals?

Success in any area of your life relies on you having the energy to reach those ambitions. True success is neither attainable nor sustainable if you neglect your body.

No matter how busy you are, your health and wellbeing should be your first priority – they’re what will enable you to thrive!


Boost your concentration, thinking, learning and judgement abilities

Improve your daily vitality and mood

Strengthen your bones and muscles

Weight loss and increased mobility

We coach you on how to put your body first.

The team at Project Health and Fitness are more than just personal trainers. They’re holistic health and fitness coaches who take the time to build a strong relationship with you, to properly guide you to a more active lifestyle that supports your goals.

Your coach is there for you – even after your session is over.

Forget packed classes and generic workout routines.

Long-term wellbeing is about more than forcing yourself into high-intensity physical exercise each day, with instructors who don’t even know your name.

We operate on a model of ‘realistic discipline’, which is about accountability, support and changing your mindset – exercise and good health are opportunities, not inconveniences.



With online coaching, check-ins and sessions that fit your schedule.



With plans and advice tailored for you, alongside valuable extras.



With training and guidance for individuals at all fitness levels.

Our Projects

By joining one of our fitness Projects, you’re taking charge of your wellness and joining a community that aims to put health first – no matter your age or fitness level. Do it your way, in your own time!

Project You

All fitness levels.

In these one-on-one sessions, you’ll optimise your fitness goals with personalised coaching from one of our professional trainers. They’ll offer realistic advice, plans and out-of-session support to keep you motivated and on track.

Sessions include an initial consultation to determine what’s right for you, and are available in East Brisbane and Hawthorne.

Specialised group sessions

Our small troop training focuses on specific areas of your 
health, to give you a boost where you need it most.

Project Flex

Beginner. 45 minutes.

For active recovery, which helps improve core strength, flexibility and reduce soreness and stiffness.

Project Fit

Intermediate. 45 minutes.

For encouraging cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, excess body fat loss.

Project Burn

Pro. 45 minutes.

For peak fitness developed with a mixture of weights and plyometric training – true high intensity.

Speed sessions

When you lead a busy life, you need to be able to fit in time
for your wellbeing whenever you can. 

Project Rapid

Intermediate. 20 minutes.

For time-poor professionals who need to maximise their time while keeping fit.

Project Circuit

All fitness levels. 45 minutes.

For busy parents in need of a whole body workout that encompasses six forms of exercises.

Corporate sessions

Corporate sessions

Create a culture of health at your workplace, with our 8-week programme that’s designed to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of your team. We’ll help you develop healthy habits and integrate movement into your daily routine.

Our clients:

ATO Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers Mills Oakley Qrida Vincents Amart Furniture

Online Sessions

Maintain a positive and active lifestyle from your own home. Our comprehensive
virtual programme includes access to:

Monthly one-on-one Zoom training session (45 minutes)

All virtual group fitness sessions

Online Facebook group

Weekly workout videos

Nutritional information

Our Coaches

The team at Project Health and Fitness are more than just personal trainers. They’re
mentors who guide you through your fitness journey and keep you motivated
through the ups and downs. 

Henry Joyce

A fitness professional with over 10 years experience working with clients of all ages, shapes and sizes, Henry started Project Health and Fitness to help his community achieve better health. Friendly and always encouraging, he’s helped hundreds to improve their wellbeing.

Chris Williamson

Chris is a passionate trainer who has been in the industry for many years. He has plenty of experience working with all different fitness levels. Chris specialises in strength training and believes that having good strength comes with perfect technique.

See what our current clients are saying

I took part in Henry's virtual work out events during COVID with WeWork - they were the perfect way to stay fit and stay connected to the members.

Harry Wilson

Brisbane, Australia

I participated in Henry's virtual workout with WeWork. Henry was great and really made the workout fun. I loved being able to get the gym experience in my office!

Emma O'Brien

Brisbane, Australia

Henry’s virtual work out with WeWork was awesome. He had clear instructions and had an A and B circuit for all levels of fitness, highly recommend.

Amelia Wigley

Brisbane, Australia

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